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General Practice

The Department of General Practice, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was established in 2006, and won the approval to become one of China’s first Standardized Training Bases for General Practitioners in 2007. Shandong University was approved for the Master's program of General Practice independent enrollment in 2009, and approved as the enrollment unit for the Master's and Doctoral degree of General Practice in 2012. At present, the Department of General Practice, Qilu Hospital mainly includes the following four parts: wards, outpatient clinics, community training bases and the Teaching and Research Office of General Practice Medicine. In 2015, it was awarded one of the first batch of 24 standardized training bases for residents in China, and won the National Top Ten General Practice Professional Base in 2017. As the department of the vice president of General Practitioners Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the chairman unit of General Practice Branch of Shandong Provincial Medical Association, the chairman unit of General Practitioners Branch of Shandong Medical Doctor Association, the Department of General Practice of Qilu Hospital has always been the leading unit of General Practice in Shandong province.
As a clinical secondary discipline, General Practice is a comprehensive medical subject that integrates clinical medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, humanities and social sciences together. With the patient-centered theme emphasizing overall coordination and overall health care, the Department of General Practice has its unique professional characteristics which effectively makes up for the deficiency of medical specialization. After more than ten years of development and construction, the General Practice Department of Qilu Hospital now has an independent team of general practitioners, including 2 chief physicians, 3 associate chief physicians, 3 senior physicians and 9 residents. Medical services of the General Practice Department mainly include the following: healthy problems and illness unable to identify, continuous and comprehensive management for patients with common, chronic diseases and coexisting multiple diseases, and preventive healthcare services. The subject orientation of the General Practice Department is “General Practice as the foundation, Teaching and Training as the focus”. The duty of General Practice Department is the education and training of high-quality general practitioners for China, improving the hierarchical medical system, and maintaining and improving the health of people.