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Guide for medical sevrvice during the COVID-19


1. All hospital staff will resume normal medical services from March 3, 2020.Please follow the WeChat official account or official website of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and make an online appointment.
2. Hospital emergency and fever clinics are opened 24/7.

Instructions for Medical Treatment

1. Please use ID card for Real name registration. Please come to the hospital 30 minutes in advance according to the appointment time.
2. Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms, please come to the pre-examination triage of the fever clinic for treatment.
3. The hospital strengthens the pre-examination and triage of outpatients. All patients and their families should wear masks before entering. In the process of outpatient diagnosis and treatment, please implement the rule of " ONE doctor for ONE patient in a room" and Please wait outside the one meter line.
5. In order to avoid crowding, cross-infection, and minimize the accompany of family members, please scan the QR code below to apply for a "health pass card" before entering the hospital.