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Orthopedic Surgery

The department of orthopedic surgery was founded by the previous hospital President, famous orthopedics expert Professor Changlin Zhao in 1949. At present, it has 4 wards including Spine center, Musculoskeletal Cancer center, Sports and Joint center and Hand and Foot center, with 216 beds and 4 intensive care units. It has advanced medical equipment such as intraoperative 3D-CT, spinal surgery neuroelectric monitoring system, continuous passive activity machine, transforaminal endoscopy, arthroscopy, etc. The average annual number of outpatients is more than 60,000, and the average annual number of surgeries is 4,500. There are 7 senior professors, 14 associate professors and 15 attending surgeons. In medical treatment group, 21 have doctor degree and 11 have master degree.


Clinical Work

Currently, in addition to the ability to independently carry out the ministry of Health's key specialties for the internal fixation of limbs and spinal fractures, total knee replacement, revision arthroplasty, arthroscopic cruciate ligament reconstruction, hip replacement, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee arthroscopic surgery, posterior cervical expansive laminoplasty, anterior cervical decompression and internal fixation, scoliosis correction, decompression for thoracic spinal stenosis, minimally invasive surgery for the spinal diseases, spinal tumor resection, limb salvage surgery for malignant tumors, tumor arthroplasty, sacral tumor resection, pelvic tumor resection, limb replantation and other microsurgical operations, a number of international and domestic initiatives and characteristics of technology such as complete lumpectomy for spinal tumors, lumbar sacral iliac bone fixation, cervical artificial disc replacement, single posterior spine deformity osteotomy orthopedic, minimally invasive surgery of thoracolumbar spine through the lateral intermuscular space of multifissure muscle for the treatment of thoracolumbar diseases, lumbar endoscopy, intraforaminal discectomy, MIS-TLIF and other minimally invasive surgeries, joint replacement of intertrochanteric fracture and interventional treatment of femoral head ischemic necrosis in elderly patients, ankle arthroplasty, shoulder arthroscopy, and LARS reconstruction of cruciate ligament rupture can also be carried out.


Teaching Work

In 1983, the department of orthopedic surgery became one of the first disciplines authorized by the State Council for master degree in the hospital. In 1998, it became the first department of orthopedic surgery to be authorized as a doctor degree. Currently, there are 4 doctor supervisors and 10 master supervisors. More than 100 master, doctor and postgraduate students graduated in the past 5 years. At the same time, the department undertook the teaching of eight-year, seven-year and five-year undergraduate students in the Medical College of Shandong University.


Scientific research and academic exchanges

Under the leadership of Chief Jianmin Li, the department of orthopedic surgery has made great progress in academic activities. In the annual international COA conference held by The Chinese Society of Osteology, the number of oral presentation and posters has always ranked first among the major hospitals in Shandong Province. As the leading of orthopedic research work in Shandong province, it has published more than 200 papers on international (SCI) and domestic core academic journals in the past 5 years. The department edited or participated in more than 30 academic books and held more than 30 funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the foundations from government of Shandong province.
At present, many doctors are committee members of osteology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, osteology oncology group, spine surgery group and joint surgery group of Chinese Medical Association, Orthopedics branch of Shandong Medical Association, Shandong Osteology Branch, Shandong Trauma Society and other academic organizations. Many members of the department serve as editor and communications editor board members of Chinese Journal of Surgery, Chinese Journal of Orthopedics, Chinese Journal of Joint Surgery, Biological bone materials and clinical research, Chinese journal of orthopedic surgery and many other authoritative journals.