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The Rheumatology Department has a strong lineup. There are currently 20 faculties in the Department of Rheumatology, including 5 medical staff with senior professional titles, 5 with deputy professional titles, 3 doctoral supervisors, and 7 master supervisors. There are 8 attending doctors and inspectors in charge, and 5 residents. There are 12 people with a doctorate degree and 7 people who have returned from studying abroad. According to the needs of clinical work and development, it is divided into four sub-specialties, namely systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic bone disease and clinical pathology, forming different technical teams. There are two nursing units, rheumatism clinic and ward. There are 23 nursing staff in the ward and 2 nursing staff in the outpatient department, all with college or undergraduate degrees. The Rheumatology Laboratory is the medical and scientific research base of our department. It has 1 chief technician, 1 deputy chief technician, 1 supervisor technician and 1 technician. There are 5 people in our department serving as directors, deputy directors, standing members and magazine editors in domestic and foreign academic organizations. We have undertaken a number of national and provincial continuing medical education projects and classes, which have effectively improved the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment for rheumatism.
The Department of Rheumatology is responsible for medical teaching, clinical internships and internships for undergraduates, postgraduates and international students of Medicine School of Shandong University. Our major is a standardized training base for resident physicians in Shandong Province. It trains more than 50 general practitioners and rheumatology specialists every year, and continuously accepts rheumatism specialist training tasks for physicians from all over Shandong Province, Xinjiang, and Ningxia Province to training a large number of rheumatism professionals.