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Health Management Center

The Department of Health Management Center, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was established in April 2004. It is one of the earliest physical examination centers in China. As the chairman unit of Shandong Medical Association Health Management Branch and the Standing Committee and member unit of Health Management Branch of Chinese Medical Association for 12 years, the Health Management Center undertakes the health checkups of health care officials, personnel from enterprises and institutions and people from all walks of life in the whole province. It is also responsible for many social public welfare functions such as health knowledge education, chronic disease management and risk assessment, and community general practitioner training. Furthermore, the Health Management Center has also established six health management departments for prenatal and postnatal care, physical and medical integration, weight, psychology, nutrition and chronic diseases, to comprehensively empower the new model of health management.

The Health Management Center currently has 66 employees, including 31 medical and technical personnel and 35 nursing staff. There are 1 chief physician, 3 deputy chief physician, 1 deputy chief technician and 20 intermediate professional titles. There are 1 post-doctorate, 7 doctors, 24 masters.

The Health Management Center is equipped with a large number of international advanced medical equipment, including: the United States GE E9 color Doppler ultrasound machine, Germany Siemens S2000 color Doppler ultrasound machine, South Korea Samsung RS80A and HS70A color Doppler ultrasound machine, Japanese original FX 12-lead ECG, French original Artech PWV measuring instrument, Aidong intelligent physical fitness testing machine, PEM-D psychosomatic overall intelligent diagnosis and treatment system, GE dynamic electrocardiogram and ambulatory blood pressure, dual-energy X-ray bone density. At the same time, 128-slice spiral CT tomography, 3.0T magnetic resonance and PET-CT equipment in the hospital are provided to the Health Management Center.

The Health Management Center undertakes 27 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, participates in 12 multi-center projects, publishes 56 SCI papers, and has scientific research funding of more than 10 million. In 2019, it was successfully approved for Shandong Province's Key research and Development projects, and achieved zero breakthroughs in major research projects in the field of health management in Shandong Province. Meanwhile, the center is responsible for teaching internships in health service and management of Shandong Institute of Physical Education.

Due to its excellent performance, our center has been awarded many honorary titles such as the National Health Management Demonstration Base, Shandong Youth Civilization, Shandong Women Civilization Post, and Shandong Urban and Rural Women’s Post Contribution Advanced Collective. In the 2018 Fudan version of the health management specialty reputation ranking, our center ranked 15th in the country.

The Health Management Center successfully hosted nearly 20 academic conferences including the 13th China Health Service Industry Conference, the 11th National Health Management Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Medical Association, and the 2nd East China Health Management Forum. In 2019, the Health Management Center organized the establishment of the Shandong University Qilu Hospital Health Management Consortium, covering 131 health management (physical examination) institutions at all levels in Shandong Province, and relying on the Shandong University Health and Medical Big Data Research Institute, Shandong University Qilu Hospital Health Alliance big data research center was established, which has strong domestic popularity and regional influence.