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Health Care/Geriatrics

The Department of Health Care/Geriatrics of Shandong University Qilu Hospital was founded in 1959 and is a comprehensive discipline integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and health care. It is currently a national key clinical specialist construction project unit, a national geriatric medicine training base, a vice chairman unit of the Chinese Geriatrics Center Alliance, a standing committee unit of the Chinese Gerontological Society Geriatrics Committee, a member unit of Geriatrics Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a member unit of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Disease Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a Clinical Pharmacology Base of Geriatrics (Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases), a Geriatric Clinical Nutrition Implementation Demonstration Base awarded by the Geriatrics Branch of Chinese Medical Association, a core network member of the National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases, a Geriatrics Training Base awarded by the National Geriatrics Clinical Research Center of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics, Chairman Unit of the North China Geriatrics Center Alliance, a member unit of the Cardiovascular Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Heart Rehabilitation Center jointly awarded by the Cardiovascular Branch of Chinese Medical Association and the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Chinese Heart Federation, a Chinese External Counterpulsation Clinical Application Training Base, a Chinese Regional Collaboration Center of the Global External Counterpulsation Clinical Registration Research, a China Psychosomatic Medical Education Alliance base, a deputy editor-in-chief unit of Chinese Journal of Geriatrics, and a editorial board member unit of Chinese Journal of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Diseases. Shandong Provincial Key Discipline, the Chairman Unit of Shandong Provincial Geriatrics Professional Committee, the Chairman Unit of Shandong Provincial Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Disease Branch, the Chairman Unit of Shandong Provincial Medical Association Stem Cell Clinical Research and Application Branch, the chairman unit of Shandong Provincial Heart Function Research Association, the chairman unit of the Malnutrition and Sarcopenia Professional Committee of the Shandong Heart Function Research Association, the chairman unit of the Shandong Provincial Health Care Association Geriatric Rehabilitation Expert Committee, the chairman unit of the Lymphoma Immunotherapy Branch of the Shandong Research Hospital Association, the sponsor of Shandong Pulmonary Hypertension Health and Medical Big Data Technology Innovation Alliance, and the sponsor of Shandong Retinopathy Health Big Data Technology Innovation Alliance.

The Department of Health Care/Geriatrics of Shandong University Qilu Hospital has the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease Proteomics. It is the first authorized station for master's, doctoral and post-doctoral medicine in geriatrics in Shandong Province. There are more than 90 doctors and 180 nurses in the department, including 9 doctoral supervisors and 11 master supervisors. There are outpatient clinics, health care/gerontology wards, special examination rooms, and cardiac remote monitoring centers. Outpatient clinics include subspecialty clinics of the Health/Geriatrics Department, Dongshan Community Clinic and Xinglong Community Clinic. The ward includes subspecialties of senile cardiovascular, senile neurology, senile endocrinology, senile digestion, senile respiratory and intrarenal, and senile critical illness, with a total of 9 wards and 320 beds. Currently, elderly cardiac interventions (coronary stent implantation, rotational atherectomy, pacemaker installation, radiofrequency ablation, pulmonary angioplasty, etc.) and cardiac rehabilitation can be independently carried out.Standardized diagnosis and treatment of senile neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, senile critical illness, senile digestive diseases, senile lymphoma, senile ophthalmology, and senile oral diseases can be implemented. We also carry out comprehensive evaluation of the elderly, elderly nutrition screening and intervention, rehabilitation physiotherapy, gastrointestinal endoscopy, bedside hemofiltration, bronchoscopy and other special diagnosis and treatment. The special examination room carries out ultrasound examination of the heart and various organs, ambulatory blood pressure, remote real-time heart monitoring, non-invasive cardiac function examination, dynamic blood glucose monitoring, bone density examination, PWV, breathing and sleep monitoring, cerebral blood flow monitoring, OCT and other projects. Various healthcare tasks have been accomplished brilliantly. More than 50 doctoral and master graduate students have been trained in the past 5 years.  

We teached hundreds of resident physicians, clinical pharmacists, graduate students, undergraduates, interns, and international students in geriatrics, internal medicine, and general medicine. We have sent many doctors to famous hospitals at home and abroad for training. We have undertaken more than 50 national science and technology projects or provincial-level projects; we have published more than 60 academic papers, of which more than 50 are included in SCI. We edited four books and participated in the editing of many other books. We participated in the formulation of five national expert consensus. We undertook the 2018 and 2019 China Geriatrics and Geriatric Health Industry Conference (CCGI), and hosted many Chinese Geriatrics Training and Improvement Classes. We have undertaken the Annual Meeting of Shandong Geriatrics Branch, the Annual Meeting of Shandong Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Salt Disease Branch, the annual meeting of the Stem Cell Clinical Research and Application Branch of the Shandong Medical Association, the annual meeting of the Malnutrition and Sarcoma Special Committee of the Shandong Cardiac Function Research Association, and other academic conferences. We also undertook multiple national and provincial continuing medical education training courses.

The department has carried out many large-scale free consultations and health education activities to serve the people. The department has been awarded "Advanced Unit of Health Care in Shandong Province", "Excellent Primary Party Organization of Shandong University", "Shandong University Youth Civilization", "Shandong University Excellent Youth League Branch", "Qilu Hospital Advanced Party Branch", "Qilu Hospital Advanced Group" ", "Qilu Hospital Scientific Research Advanced Group", "Qilu Hospital Resident Standardized Training Excellent Training Unit" and many other honorary titles. A number of medical staff were awarded as "Advanced Individual in Health Care in Shandong Province", "Advanced Individual in Shandong Provincial Health Care Association", "Advanced Worker in Shandong Provincial Medical Association", "National Excellent Teacher of Resident Physician", "National Excellent Resident" , "Shandong Province Top 100 Nurses", "Qilu Hospital Advanced Workers", "Qilu Hospital Top Ten Physicians", "Outstanding Teachers for Standardized Resident Training" and other honorary titles.