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The quality improvement project of reproductive center was awarded the demonstration achievement of "the first China hospital quality

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From September 18 to September 20, the first China hospital quality achievement publication competition and the eighth national brand story competition medical sub competition, sponsored by China quality magazine and medical and health branch of China Quality Association, was held in Guangzhou.

After the primary selection, the quality improvement project of the reproductive center of our hospital, "the construction of the whole process management system for IVF-ET patients based on TQM theory" entered the final of the quality service competition, and competed with the teams from hospitals all over the country, and learned from each other. With full mental state and rich professional connotation, the participating representatives of our hospital clearly demonstrated the achievements made by using scientific management tools in optimizing work process and ensuring quality and safety to all judges and experts and scholars of hospitals all over the country with full spirit and rich professional connotation. They won the demonstration level results of the first quality service competition of Chinese hospital quality achievement publishing competition and won the height of on-site judges approval.

The presentation contest is divided into four sessions, namely "5S" achievement Presentation Contest, quality innovation Presentation Contest, quality service competition and brand story speech contest. There are three categories of awards: improvement level, professional level and demonstration level.

[Author: Yang Fang, Du Yue source: nursing department]