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Third quarter academic training activities organized by academic group of intravenous infusion

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On September 23, on the occasion of the hospital's 130th anniversary, the IV team of nursing department held academic training activities in the third quarter of 2020 in huameilou f14d. About 145 trainees from brother hospitals across the country, "121" pharmaceutical quality control backbone pharmacists, interns, as well as clinical ward liaison officers and head nurses participated in the activity.
The training activity was presided over by he liangai, head nurse of Dongsan respiratory ward. She expressed her gratitude to the IV Team liaison staff who still insisted on completing the training courses and assessment items in the first and second quarters of 2020 online after busy work, and served as a good static therapy coach in the Department, and appreciated the support and cooperation of the academic group training work.

On August 4th, 2020, the general office of the state health and Health Commission issued the "medical quality control index for pharmaceutical management specialty (2020 Edition)" and "quality control index of nursing specialty (2020 Edition)". The document proposes that the use rate and use intensity of antibiotics in inpatients, the proportion of special class antibiotics, the rate of venous catheter blood flow infection and other indicators should be controlled to keep on Improve the reasonable level of drug use and medical quality. These indicators put forward higher requirements for clinical departments and medical and technical departments. The training course is based on the topic of "exploring the best clinical practice from drug treatment" by Dr. Zhang Yan of pharmaceutical science of PIVAS. Starting from the newly released indexes of medical quality control of pharmaceutical management and nursing specialty, the training course interprets the indicators by several points, explains that the best clinical medical practice is discussed from the perspective of drug treatment, and the quality control indicators are fully used to improve medical treatment Quality method. PIVAS, Ph.D., shared the introduction of parenteral nutrition of PIVAS.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a popular science classroom. It is a demonstration of the "access control area and clean control area process" video produced by PIVAS during the new crown pneumonia prevention and control. Zhangyanyan, head nurse of the first rehabilitation area of Dongyuan hospital and huyunhong in f13d ear, nose and throat area II, reappeared the reality, reality and reality of Hubei epidemic resistance in plain language. Qilu hospital used sweat and effort, practice and research to formulate the Qilu standard during the anti epidemic.
He liangai said that we hope that we will take action to standard the new standards and indicators of medical quality of 2020 edition, and follow the spirit of anti epidemic to carry out the responsibilities of every angel in white, continue to inherit the Qilu spirit of the hospital for 130 years and strive to be "striving for Qilu people".
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