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5th National Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp of Qilu Hospital (the First Clinical College) opens

Updatetime:2023-09-06 19:56:09 From:Qilu Hospital

On the morning of July 19, the opening ceremony of the 5th National Outstanding Undergraduates Summer Camp of Qilu Hospital (the First Clinical College) was held at Qilu Building. Liu Guoliang, Executive Vice Dean of Cheeloo College of Medicine and Director of Graduate Work Department of Party Committee, Ma Chunhong, Vice Dean of Cheeloo College of Medicine, and Chen Yuguo, President of Qilu Hospital attended the meeting and gave speeches. Vice President of Qilu Hospital Xu Feng, and Director of the Education Department Lv Ming hosted the ceremony. Representatives of clinical specialties of the hospital and 175 outstanding undergraduates from 36 national colleges attended the opening ceremony in person.

Liu Guoliang introduced the history of Shandong University (SDU) and the Graduate education of the SDU in his speech. He said, with a long history and a wide range of disciplines, the university started cultivating graduates from 1924. Liu Guoliang hoped participants enjoy the 3-day journey of study and communication, and choose Shandong University and Qilu Hospital for future graduate studies.

Ma Chunhong said Qilu Hospital is a new start and a better platform. She stressed that choosing the right supervisor is very important in post graduate studies, and Qilu Hospital has an excellent supervisor team with excellent clinical techniques and good teaching skills. She hopes to meet the summer campers in Qilu Hospital again.

Chen Yuguo expressed his appreciation for Liu Guoliang and Ma Chunhong’s introduction to Qilu Hospital, and affirmed the significance of this summer camp. He said in the past 3 years, the medical and pharmaceutical cause has contributed a lot to our country during the pandemic. Powered by reform and innovation, Qilu Hospital actively promotes the construction of “3 centers and 1 pilot” during the 14th five- year development planning. The establishment of National Medical Center will provide a broader space and a solid foundation for everyone. Chen Yuguo pointed out that the summer camp is a good platform for the deep communication among students and teachers. He hoped everyone would make the full use of the 3 days, actively participated in departments’ activities, and immerse in the vibe of this centuried hospital. He also wished the camp a good success and looked forward to meeting the campers again.

Xu Feng delivered a theme report on “Inheriting Qilu Spirit to Cultivate Outstanding Medical Talents”, introducing the history, culture, education and teaching, team of supervisors, achievements, student activities, standardized residency training, clinical techniques training, and international communication of the hospital, which shows its strength in scientific research and teaching, excellence in young talents’ cultivation, and harmonious teaching atmosphere.

Discipline leaders or representatives of Departments of Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Oncology, Hematology, Rehabilitation, Neurology, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases attended the meeting, introducing their platforms, teams, and development in clinical services, teaching, and teaching, respectively. Outstanding student representative Pan Ziwen shared her experience in Qilu Hospital with campers.

Lv Ming said she appreciated campers’ trusts in Qilu Hospital, and hoped students actively participate in departments’ activities, find favored specialties and supervisors, laying a solid foundation for the future postgraduate recommendation or examination.

From July 19-21, campers will visit and study in relevant departments, operating room, clinical technique training center, and Guangzhi Museum to learn about clinical skills and discipline construction, feeling the charm of the century-old hospital.

By Sun Yingtao, Teng Chen