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China National Health Development Research Center of the National Health Commission come to Qilu Hospital to conduct research

Updatetime:2023-07-14 10:20:41 From:Qilu Hospital

On the morning of July 12, a group of 9 people including Researcher Hao Xiaoning, and Associate Researcher Liu Zhi from the China National Health Development Research Center of the National Health Commission, and Director Yu Fenghua, and Deputy Director Han Jiping, from the Medical and Health Division of the Health Commission of Shandong Province, visited Qilu Hospital to conduct field research on the discipline  construction of the hospital’s Geriatrics Department and the innovative development of the age-friendly hospital. President Chen Yuguo, and Vice President Cheng Yufeng of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University attended the meeting. Dong Laidong, Director of the Outpatient Department, Xing Yanqiu, Deputy Director of the Department of Geriatrics, Xiao Yu, Deputy Director of the Healthcare Office, and heads of related departments and representatives of volunteers, attended the meeting together.

Chen Yuguo warmly welcomed the arrival of the research group and appreciated the leaders of the National Health Commission and the Health Commission of Shandong Province for their long-term help and support to the hospital. Chen Yuguo pointed out that Shandong, as a populous province, the proportion of elderly people with serious and chronic diseases is increasing year by year, so building an age-friendly hospital not only meets the needs of the times, but also the hospital’s development. The hospital attaches great importance to the establishment and development of age-friendly hospital. As the leading department, the Outpatient Department has shouldered its responsibilities, constantly learned from the approaches of high-end hospitals, increased domestic and international communication, innovated its services, integrated social resources, and optimized age-friendly facilitates in time, which has gotten high praises from all walks of life, and played a leading role in respecting and helping the elderly.
Yu Fenghua pointed out in his speech that the first stop of the research trip of China National Health Development Research Center is Shandong, which represents the country's attention and recognition to Shandong Province and Qilu Hospital. In the 14th Five-year Plan, actively dealing with the aging population has become a national strategy. Shandong Province will actively promote the all-round implementation of age-friendly medical institutions, and effectively improve the medical experience of elderly patients.
Hao Xiaoning highly approved of the development of the Department of Geriatrics and the implementation of age-friendly hospital in Qilu Hospital. She believes that in the process of high-quality development, Qilu Hospital focuses on the urgent problems of elderly patients, innovates development with advanced thinking, and adheres to the concept of high-position system, which are vivid practices of the current in-depth implementation of thematic education. She hopes that Qilu Hospital will continue to play a leading role as a century-old hospital, and provide Qilu experience for the development of age-friendly hospitals in Shandong Province and even the whole country.
Xing Yanqiu reported on the discipline construction of the Department of Geriatrics, and Dong Laidong delivered a systematic report on the innovative service model of age-friendly hospital.
After the meeting, experts of the research group visited the hospital, and highly praised the innovative voluntary services of the hospital.

By Sun Yingtao, Chen Teng