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Vice president of Karolinska Institute Robert Harris leads the team to visit Qilu Hospital

Updatetime:2023-07-12 16:05:19 From:Qilu Hospital

On June 29, Prof. Robert Harris, Academic Vice President of Karolinska Institute, and Prof. Nailin Li, China Cooperation Project Officer of KI, visited Qilu hospital. Chen Yuguo, President of Qilu Hospital met with the foreign guests and Vice President Cheng Yufeng attended the event and hosted the symposium.
Chen Yuguo extended a warm welcome to Robert Harris and his delegation, and introduced the history, culture, and development of Qilu Hospital. Chen Yuguo said that Qilu Hospital and Karolinska Institute have a history of friendship for more than 2 decades, and hoped that through this symposium, the two sides would further deepen their friendship and cooperation, especially in the field of basic research and talent training.

Robert Harris highly praised the history, culture, and achievements of the hospital in his speech. He hoped both sides could further deepen the cooperation and strengthen friendship based on the previous foundation.

In his speech, Cheng Yufeng introduced the development goals, talent training, scientific research and innovation of Qilu Hospital, reviewed fruitful achievements of cooperation in talent training, scientific research, and project application between Qilu Hospital and Karolinska Institute over the past 20 years, and introduced the Cooperation Program with International World-class Disciplines jointly applied by the two institutions. Cheng Yufeng said that he hoped the two institutions can enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, to contribute to building a community with a shared future for mankind and protecting the health of the people of the world.
In the academic exchange session, professionals from the Department of Emergency Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Department of Hematology, Editorial Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Oncology Radiotherapy, Research Department and Department of Neurology introduced their developments and proposed cooperation ideas. The two sides formed a concrete plan to further implement the Cooperation Program with International World-class Disciplines in three disciplines: emergency medicine, cardiology, and hematology, and reached consensus on academic cooperation in the fields of oncology radiotherapy, clinical research, and neurology. In addition, both sides also reached an agreement on the construction and promotion of the journal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine.

The Karolinska Institute, founded in 1810 and located in Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the largest and best single medical school in the world, and is one of the top 10 medical schools in the world. It is responsible for 43% of academic research in medicine in Sweden and has an affiliated Karolinska University Hospital. The Institute is also known for the Nobel Committee, which judges and awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine each year. Karolinska Insititute has been cooperating with Qilu Hospital for 22 years. Nearly 30 scholars from Qilu Hospital have studied there, and the two institutions have jointly applied for 9 projects and published more than 60 joint articles.
Relevant staff of Office of Scientific Research and International Exchanges of Cheeloo College of Medicine, International Office and relative departments of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University attended the event.

By Xie Yang,Sun Yingtao