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Qilu Hospital holds pep rally on scientific and technological innovation work

Updatetime:2023-02-16 17:37:41 From:Qilu Hospital

On the afternoon of January 26, based on the new requirements of the new development journey, and focused on the key work of scientific and technological innovation including the application of the National Natural Science Foundation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Qilu Hospital held a pep rally on scientific and technological innovation work at the academic exchange center. The meeting comprehensively sorted out and systematically summarized the work of 2022, and made an overall arrangement and precise deployment of the 2023 plan. Academician Zhang Yun attended the meeting and made a keynote report. Hou Junping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and President Chen Yuguo made work arrangements. Zhang Ning, Executive Secretary of China Medical Innovation Alliance, and Wang Jianbo, Deputy Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology were invited to share their experiences in scientific and technological innovation. Leaders of the hospital, Secretaries of Party General Branches, heads of administrative offices, Directors of clinical departments, and scientific research secretaries attended the meeting at the main venue. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Cheng Yufeng.

Academician Zhang Yun made a wonderful academic report on the topic of "How to solve clinical questions with a scientific research". Zhang Yun took the clinical problem-driven scientific research as the theme, sharing his view from the aspects of how to discover scientific problems and how to turn them into research, and explained them simply by using scientific research cases at home and abroad. He stressed that we should find problems in clinical practice, put forward solutions and products including diagnosis and treatment standards, practice guidelines, innovative drugs, and medical equipment through medical research, and finally return to clinical practice for verification, evaluation, and optimization, in order to integrate clinical medicine with scientific research closely.

In his speech, Hou Junping pointed out that the report of the 20th CPC National Congress has raised the strategic significance of scientific and technological innovation to an unprecedented height. We must fully understand the significance of scientific and technological innovation. We must insist that science and technology is the primary productive force, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force. We must thoroughly implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and the strategy of innovation-driven development, opening up new tracks for development in new areas. Hou Junping reviewed the achievements of scientific and technological innovation and discipline construction of the hospital in 2022, and stressed that the priority of the work in 2023 should be guided by the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, focus on the "four aspects", and strengthen the construction of an organized scientific research system. We will vigorously promote clinical research, the cultivation of major national projects, the breakthrough of basic research from "0" to "1", and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, constantly improving the ability of independent innovation. 

Chen Yuguo summarized the scientific research work in 2022 and made work arrangements for 2023. Chen Yuguo first reviewed the monthly scientific and technological events of the hospital in 2022, emphasizing that the scientific and technological work of the hospital should be led by the Party, and that we should deeply study the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, in order to shape the new dynamic energy and new advantages of scientific and technological innovation and development. He summarized the hospital’s achievements of the key work of scientific and technological innovation in the past year. In 2022, the national scientific research platform of the hospital has made a breakthrough, being approved as the first zero-magnetic medical research platform at or above the provincial and ministerial level in China. The ministerial-level laboratory performed well in evaluation. Chen Yuguo pointed out that the hospital has achieved good results in scientific and technological work in 2022, winning the 17th "China Youth Science and Technology Award", the first "Shandong International Science and Technology Cooperation Award", the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award and the China Medical Science and Technology Award, etc. Chen Yuguo said that the hospital’s scientific research projects have achieved good results. In 2022, the number of the hospital’s National Natural Science Fund projects exceeded 100, increased by 18% compared to the number of last year. In addition, the total amount of research funding in 2022 reached nearly 400 million yuan, hitting a new record.

Vice President Han Hui read out the 2022 Science and Technology Innovation Commendation Decision, commending individuals and organizations who were commended by the Ministry of Science and Technology on their work in fight with the COVID-19 infection, scholars who were listed in 2021 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers”, and other outstanding individuals and organizations.
Zhang Ning and Wang Jianbo gave reports titled "Trends, Practices and Countermeasures of Results Transformation in Medical Institutions" and "Re-interpretation of National Natural Science Foundation Policy Guidelines" from the perspectives of results transformation in medical institutions and National Natural Science Foundation project management, respectively.
The meeting was held at multiple venues simultaneously via video links. Deputy Directors of clinical departments, ward directors/subspecialty directors, post-doctoral fellows, full-time researchers, and other researchers attended the meeting.

By Sun Yingtao,Xie Yang