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Leaders of Hospital visits medical staff working in front line on Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve

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On January 21th, Lunar Chinese New Year’s Eve, Leaders of Qilu Hospital including Hou Junping, Chen Yuguo, Su Hua, Liu Qing, Lin Yajie, Ji Chunyan, Chen Yingying, Cheng Yufeng, Tian Hui, Han Hui, Xu Feng, and Assistant to the President Yu Chenghao led heads of the Party and administrative departments of the hospital visited and extended festive greetings to the medical staff who were still working in the front line. 

 “Happy Spring Festival!” Leaders of the hospital extended greetings to medical staff who were still working in the frontline, and expressed gratitude to their hard work during the new phase of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control work. In addition, leaders praised their dedication to work, and hoped everyone would implement every task with higher standards and stricter requirements, in order to protect people’s safety and health continuously.