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Qilu Hospital sets up green channels for patients needing urgent medical treatment during the pandemic

Updatetime:2023-01-05 09:34:51 From:Qilu Hospital

After China announcing 10 prevention and control measures on further optimizing the COVID-19 response, in order to protect people’s health and safety, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University actively responded with new measurements to provide patients with warmer experiences and better medical services.

Non-stop hemodialysis
Hemodialysis patients need periodic regular treatment. Facing difficulties and challenges, the Department of Blood Purification formulated an emergency plan, and practiced it for many times, in order to protect patients’ safety as well as satisfying their hemodialysis needs.
"Thank you so much. It is almost too late." In the ward of the Department of Blood Purification, Uncle Liu, a 75-year-old patient, said excitedly. He has been on dialysis at Qilu Hospital for 11 years and comes here every two days.  A few days earlier, due to the lockdown of the community where he lived, he felt very anxious because he could not see a doctor in time.

Dialysis treatment is a routine treatment for hemodialysis patients, which should be carried out many times a week. However, hemodialysis patients are often rather older and have weakened immune systems. After the Department of Blood Purification learned of Uncle Liu's condition, it formulated a detailed reception plan, rectifying and improving problems that might arise. The patient was sent to the Department of Infectious Diseases for treatment. At present, he is in stable condition.
For hemodialysis patients, life could be threatened if dialysis cannot be carried out in time. During the pandemic, some patients suddenly had colds, coughs and other symptoms. Staff of the Department of Blood Purification gave up their break time, and let patients do dialysis treatments alone at night. After they left, they disinfected the room completely, in order to guarantee that every patient can do dialysis on a regular basis.

Ensure radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Patients treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy have low autoimmune function and a variety of complications. How to ensure that these patients have active, continuous and effective treatment is a new challenge for relative departments. Department of Radiation Oncology and Department of Medical Oncology dynamically adjust prevention and control strategy according to the latest pandemic situation, improve patients’ consultation procedure, and make emergency plans to provide patients with accurate, diversified and professional treatment.

In the Oncology Ward, hospital policies are strictly and carefully implemented. The department manage the ward according to standards, and try to build an “unaccompanied” ward. The “unaccompanied” ward does not mean that patients have no company, but professional health workers will take care of them. This not only gives the patients’ families the opportunity to visit the sick, but also reduces the number of people gathered in the ward.
Qilu Hospital of Shandong University always adheres to the patient-centered service concept, ensures the medical needs of patients with acute and critical illness and special groups, constantly innovates medical service measures, and makes great efforts to protect the "life channel" of patients.

By Sun Yingtao,Chen Teng