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Experts from American Chinese Medical Practitioners Association come to our hospital for exchange

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On April 20, experts from the American Chinese Medical Practitioners Association, David Zheng, Yuhong Xu, Xinnong Li, and Wang Zhiqian visited our hospital. President Li Xingang, vice presidents Chen Yuguo, Li Yanqing and heads of several departments attended the forum.

At the forum, Li Xingang, on behalf of the hospital, welcomed the four Chinese experts from the United States, appreciated their spirit of serving the motherland on the other side of the ocean, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to his return to China to participate in the national resident training backbone teacher training course organized by our hospital and to teach for domestic resident training teachers. Li Yanqing introduced to the experts the basic situation of Qilu Hospital, including the history, current situation and development plan of the hospital, as well as the situation of medicine, teaching, research, doctor training and international exchange and cooperation. Subsequently, four American experts exchanged views with the leaders of relevant departments in our hospital. The experts briefly introduced the resident training system in the United States, understood the goal, form, scale and progress of resident standardized training in China, and discussed with our hospital how to carry out the cooperation in such fields as Sino US residential training, sharing American experience with China, and providing support for domestic base hospitals to carry out resident training.

After the symposium, four American experts visited the clinical skills simulation training center, cardiac telemonitoring center and patient service center of our hospital with great interest.

[Author: Yu Shui photo: Cao Hongzheng source: medical training department]