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Registration notice of retained public service staff in 2014

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1、 Check in time:

8:00-11:30 am, Friday, July 25, 2014
13:30-17:00 PM
2、 Registration place:
The third floor auditorium of Qilu Hospital Library
3、 Check in materials:
1. Employment registration certificate.
2. One original and one copy of the final diploma and degree certificate.
3. One original and one copy of ID card.
4. The original and one copy of the doctor's license (those who have obtained the doctor's license shall be carried when reporting for duty, and those not obtained shall not be used).
5. A copy of the employment agreement (if it has been submitted to the personnel department of Shandong University or the personnel department of the hospital, it is unnecessary to submit it again)
Tel: 82169026 (personnel department)
Office of personnel department: the second floor of the first floor (Gonghe building / building 15)
Personnel Department of Qilu Hospital
July 21, 2014