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Notice on recruitment of non enterprise staff in blood disease laboratory of hospital

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According to the work needs of the hospital, the hematology laboratory of our hospital plans to recruit a full-time non professional laboratory technician. The hematology laboratory of our hospital is the Provincial Key Laboratory of hematoimmunology in Shandong Province and the third-class Laboratory of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. The recruitment conditions and information are as follows:

1、 Recruitment conditions
1. Graduates of state-owned key institutions of higher learning are full-time graduate students with corresponding degrees, and their first degree is full-time undergraduate graduates from high school starting point of state-owned colleges and universities, under 30 years old (born after January 1, 1989);
2. Major requirements: major in bioinformatics. Be proficient in using various bioinformatics software and databases to mine and analyze the data of human genomics; have a good foundation in English and can read English literature; master common experimental techniques of molecular biology and cell biology, and have working experience in second-generation sequencing and genomic bioinformatics analysis is preferred;
3. Willing to contribute, with a strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility, hands-on ability, positive, with strong communication skills and teamwork skills, able to use a variety of computer office software, with a certain degree of English communication skills;
4. The post takes into account the clinical laboratory and scientific research work, has heavy work tasks, requires active and serious work attitude, strong service consciousness, learning ability and hard-working spirit, good psychological and physical quality, and can bear greater work pressure.
2、 Take on-site registration or mailing materials (the mailing time shall prevail, please indicate on the envelope: application). The following materials shall be provided for registration:
For on-site registration, one original and one copy of one's resume, one copy of academic report card, one copy of graduate employment recommendation form, one ID card, one professional qualification certificate, one academic degree certificate, one English grade certificate and one other award-winning certificates.
Candidates who register by mail should provide copies of resume, report card, employment recommendation form, ID card, professional qualification certificate, academic degree certificate, English level certificate and other award-winning certificates; the original should be checked when taking the examination.
At the same time of providing the above paper materials, the summary sheet (see Annex 1) should be filled in and renamed as "department post personal name" (e.g. hematology laboratory Zhang XX) and sent to the mailbox 。
Note: all awards and honors involved in the resume shall be provided with the original and copy of relevant certificates or supporting materials; both paper materials and electronic summary sheet are indispensable, and it is considered that the application is successful.
3、 Registration location: archives room, personnel department, 1st floor, building 16 (Xinxing building), Qilu Hospital, Shandong University.
4、 Registration time: October 16 - October 30, 2019
5、 Mailing address: archives room, personnel department, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, 107 Wenhua West Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province postcode: 250012, Tel: 0531-82169157
6、 The examination and interview will be announced on the hospital website.
Annex 1: summary table of recruitment list of non institutional personnel in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University in 2019 (example). Xls
Shandong University Qilu hospital personnel department
October 16, 2019