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The hospital held a report and exchange meeting of outstanding young talents

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On the afternoon of June 19, the hospital held an outstanding young talent report exchange meeting and hospital talent work forum. Hou Junping, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and hospital Party committee of Qilu Medical College, and Chen Yuguo, President of Qilu Medical College, attended the meeting and spoke. Su Hua, Lin Yajie, Chen Yingying, Cheng Yufeng, Tian Hui and Zhang Wanmin attended the meeting. Ji Chunyan, vice president of the hospital, presided over the meeting More than 70 people attended the meeting, including department leaders, national talent representatives and outstanding young people of the Third Hospital of the hospital.

At the meeting, 31 talent representatives and outstanding young people of the Third Hospital of the hospital respectively made ppt reports and exchanges, introduced the personal development status and difficulties encountered, and put forward valuable suggestions and ideas for hospital talent work. At the forum stage, some functional department heads answered the talent related problems and put forward suggestions on talent development and talent work.
Chen Yuguo pointed out in his speech that the hospital held this talent exchange forum mainly through listening to the voice of young people, what kind of problems encountered in the process of development and growth, and suggestions on hospital talent work, so as to develop talent work ideas, provide a good environment for hospital talent growth, and promote talent work in the hospital. Chen Yuguo stressed that in today's China's social undertakings are in a period of vigorous development, and hospitals are facing major opportunities and challenges. The staff of the hospital should work together to create a national regional medical center and strive to be ranked in the top 15 of Fudan University hospital reputation list. Chen Yuguo pointed out that in the next step, the hospital should accurately invest limited resources, pay equal attention to basic and clinical research, pay attention to the cross integration of disciplines, strengthen team building, and further play to the advantages of Shandong University as a comprehensive university. Chen Yuguo finally stressed that the development and construction of the hospital can not do without talents. The hospital attaches great importance to the growth of talents. The hospital's talent work can not wait for talents. It is necessary to go out of Qilu, face the whole country, go to the world and recruit talents.
In his concluding speech, Hou Junping pointed out that in recent years, the hospital has attached great importance to talent work, adhered to the principle of the party managing talents, and made gratifying achievements in various work. However, while seeing the achievements, we should also clearly realize that there is still a big gap compared with the benchmark hospitals. Hou Junping put forward three suggestions on how to do a good job in hospital talent work in the next step: first, we should further build consensus and firmly establish the concept that talents are the precious wealth of hospital development. The second is to further improve the system and actively explore the path of talent introduction and cultivation. We should select and use the talents from all over the world, develop the style of recognizing, loving, respecting and using talents in the whole hospital, refine the talent introduction and education measures, improve the talent assessment mechanism, and better provide an important guarantee for the growth and development of talents; third, we should further explore and innovate, and strive to become a leader in promoting the reform and development of the hospital. He hoped that all kinds of talents in the hospital should continuously enhance their pioneering consciousness and make continuous innovation and progress on the road of medical teaching and research.
[Author: Zhao Weining, Wang Qiangqiang, photographer: Cui Ziang source: personnel department, editor in charge: Li Ning]