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Nursing department held mid summer safety month promotion and nursing quality and safety management committee meeting

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On September 17, on the occasion of the second world patient safety day, the nursing department held a meeting of the mid summer safety month promotion and nursing quality and safety management committee in order to effectively implement the "two hands and two hands" of nursing safety and epidemic prevention and control. Han Hui, director of medical department, all members of nursing quality and safety committee and head nurses of relevant departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Lingling, deputy chief of quality control department of nursing department.

First of all, in his speech, director Han Hui emphasized the quality and safety of medical treatment and nursing under the current new situation, and introduced the relevant measures for epidemic prevention and control in autumn and winter with "how to deal with the normalization of epidemic situation - strictly implement the" Three Prevention "," five morning "," nine strictness ".

Then, Chen Hongmei, head nurse of the Department of facial features, emphasized the related precautions of nursing adverse event management and reporting by "avoiding nursing risk and ensuring patient safety". Wang Xiaohong, head nurse of the first ward of Gynecology, and Zhang Yanyan, head nurse of the first ward of rehabilitation department, respectively reported on "the causes and treatment of unplanned extubation" and "Discussion on writing standard of nursing documents". At the meeting, the relevant draft work program was also discussed collectively.

Finally, Cao Yingjuan, director of nursing department, made a summary speech. She stressed that medical quality management is the core of hospital management and the cornerstone of hospital work. In recent years, the nursing quality and safety management committee has carried out a series of work and theme activities around the "ten major goals of patient safety". Since July this year, the "summer safety month" activity has significantly reduced the incidence of nursing adverse events compared with the past three years. We hope that we can continue to tighten the safety chord, integrate the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and nursing safety into all aspects of work, and continue We should improve the top-level design, compact the work responsibilities of each link, and strive to ensure the safety of health workers and patients.
[source: nursing department]