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Registration description of scientific and technological cloud platform in Shandong Province

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Hello, teachers!

Science and technology cloud platform under the new system( Cn) see the attachment for the instructions of researchers. Please register and bind according to the instructions.
Note: the closing time of the binding function system of the original user of the science and technology cloud platform is March 27. Please complete the binding work as soon as possible. If you fail to complete the binding within the time limit, you will be responsible for the consequences. It needs to be explained to you that under the new system, the administrator does not have the right to reset the password for the teachers in the college. If the teachers forget the password, they need to click to retrieve the password or contact technical support on the login home page. Please remember your registration information.
For problems in the process of account registration, please call the provincial government for technical support. For cloud platform problems, please refer to the technical support of the Department of science and technology
Tel: Department of scientific research 82169166
(1) Website of provincial unified government service portal:
Account registration consultation: 18951758659 18951758628
System problem consultation: 15106923383 138533163739
(2) Website of technology cloud platform:
Statistical center: (0531) 66777127 66777162
Technical support: (0531) 66777094

Quick guide for users of technology cloud platform 1.pdf
Cloud platform registration binding flowchart.docx