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Notice on the investigation of young talents in various disciplines

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In order to understand the hospital's current talent reserve, deeply tap the potential of young professionals in various disciplines, cultivate and support young talents, and build a reasonable talent echelon, so as to enhance the comprehensive strength of various disciplines, the current situation of young talents in various disciplines and specialties is now explored for the whole hospital.
The object of this recruitment is the whole hospital, age 35 years and below, medical technology clinical and scientific research personnel. The outstanding young talents of the hospital should fill in the appendix "registration form of young talents in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University" according to the actual situation, and the clinical departments should sort the departments and sign by the director, and submit the paper version to the office of the scientific research department, and send the electronic version to the Please indicate "questionnaire for young talents of Qilu Hospital" in the email.
The deadline for receiving the above materials is 16:00, August 9, 2019. All departments and offices must attach great importance to it.
Attachment: Registration Form for young talents of Qilu Hospital of Shandong university.doc
Note: "recent three years" refers to the period from January 1, 2016 to the present; "undertaking" refers to the person in charge of the project / project, excluding the identity of participants