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Novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) project guidelines for NSFC -2020 and New Zealand Health Research Council

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The novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) will be jointly sponsored by the two sides in 2020, according to the memorandum of understanding of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the scientific memorandum of understanding on scientific cooperation between New Zealand Health Research Council (HRC) and subsequent consensus.

1、 Project description
(1) Funding areas
1. Screening and development of broad-spectrum anti-covid-19 drugs;
2. Etiology of animal-derived viruses and etiology and pathogenesis of coronavirus infection;
3. New technologies and methods for rapid and precise diagnosis of coronavirus;
4. prevention measures for novel coronavirus pneumonia (Prevention measures against COVID-19);
5. Immune system impairment caused by coronavirus and protective immune mechanisms against virus.
Please note: this project does not support vaccine development.
Guidelines for HRC projects can be found in:
(2) Application code
Chinese applicants are requested to select the codes of the Ministry of Medical Sciences (h3106, h1904, h1911, H26, h1005) as application codes 1 and fill in the Chinese application form according to the research contents.
(3) Funding scale
The scale of this cooperative research project is no more than 3.
(4) Funding intensity
China's funding intensity for approved projects is no more than 1.5 million yuan per project, including research funds and international cooperation and exchange costs. The funding intensity of Singapore is no more than NZ $350000 per item.
(5) Declaration requirements
1. The funding period is 2 years, and the research period in the application form should be filled in from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023.
2. The number of domestic cooperative research units shall not exceed 2.
3. Chinese and New Zealand applicants shall submit project applications to NSFC and HRC respectively.
4. The project application should embody the combination of the strong and the complementary advantages.
2、 Application conditions
The applicant shall meet the following requirements:
(1) With a senior professional and technical position (title).
(2) As the project leader, he is undertaking or has undertaken projects of NSFC for more than 3 years.
(3) With foreign (regional) partners have a good foundation for cooperation.
(4) Please refer to the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) program guidelines in 2020 for detailed description of application qualifications.
3、 Limited application provisions
The International (regional) cooperative research projects of NSFC include Inter Organizational International (regional) cooperative research projects and key international (regional) cooperative research projects. The cooperative research project is an Inter Organizational cooperative research project. The applicant shall comply with the following restrictions when applying:
(1) Applicants (excluding major participants) can only apply for one international (regional) cooperative research project in the same year.
(2) The person in charge of an international (regional) cooperative research project shall not apply for the cooperative research project listed in this guide as an applicant.
(3) The cooperative research project is not included in the duplicate checking scope of the total number of projects applied and undertaken by senior professional and technical post (title) personnel.
(4) Other restrictions on the number of applications in the guidelines for NSFC projects in 2020.
4、 Notes on Application
(1) Notes for applicants
The application form of cooperative research project is written online, and the specific requirements for the applicant are as follows:
1. Before filling in the application form, the applicant should carefully read the relevant contents of this project guide and the "National Natural Science Foundation of China 2020 program guide". The project application that does not meet the project guide and relevant requirements will not be accepted.
2. The applicant logs into the NSFC network information system( )According to the outline and relevant requirements, the application for International (regional) cooperation and exchange program of NSFC (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese application") was prepared. The specific steps are as follows:
(1) Select the "project leader" user group to log in to the system, then click "online application" to enter the application interface, and click the "new project application" button to enter the project category selection interface.
(2) Click the + on the left side of "International (regional) cooperation and exchange projects" or the "expand" button on the right side to expand the drop-down menu.
(3) Click "fill in application" on the right side of "Inter Organizational cooperative research (Inter Organizational cooperation agreement project)" to enter the "cooperation agreement" interface, select "nsfc-hrc (China Singapore)" in the drop-down menu, and then input the approval number of the fund project to be supported according to the system requirements, and enter the specific application filling interface after passing the qualification certification.
3. The mode of fixed subsidy is adopted for Inter Organizational cooperative research projects. The applicant shall carefully read the contents of the budget preparation and reporting requirements in the guidance for projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2020, and strictly comply with the measures for fund management of NSFC funded projects, supplementary notice on issues related to fund management of NSFC funded projects (CJ [2016] No. 19) and members of NSFC Notice on further improving the project and fund management of NSFC (gkjfc [2019] No. 31) issued by