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Name Rong Ma
Title M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Chief Physician, Department’s Director
Areas of Focus Surgical treatment of breast diseases

Dr. Rong Ma was born on October 25,1963. He graduated from the English medicine class of Shandong Medical University in Jun,1988.
He is currently the director of general surgery, Qilu Hospital , director and professor of operative surgery department, Qilu Medical College of Shandong University. He is good at surgical treatment of breast diseases. Dr. Rong Ma is the member of Breast Surgery Group, Surgical Society of Chinese Medical Association. He is also the member of Surgeon Branch of Chinese Medical Doctors Association and the vice chairman of General Surgery Branch of Shandong Medical Association and head of Breast Surgery Group. He is the chairman of the Clinical Expert Committee of the National Medical Practitioner Qualification Examination of China.