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Name Dongsong Bi
Title M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Chief Physician
Areas of Focus Gastrointestinal diseases, especially in anorectal diseases

Dongsong Bi is a chief physician and serves as the deputy director of Department of Colorectal Surgery in Qilu hospital. He is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, especially in anorectal diseases.

He is specialized in the following work: 1) Radical resection of rectal cancer with retention of sexual function and urination function; 2) Intersphincteric resection and coloanal anastomosis: this operation can preserve the anus to the maximum extent without affecting the curative effect, so as to avoid the suffering of colostomy.3) Lateral lymph node dissection and total mesorectal excision via bladder lateral cavity approach, which can greatly improve the radical resection rate of rectal cancer; 4) Resection of presacral tumor or rectal tumor through parasacral approach; 5) The diagnosis and treatment of benign anorectal lesions (such as hemorrhoids, perianorectal abscess, anal fistula, rectal prolapse, rectocele, intractable constipation.)