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Name Fengjun Liu
Title M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Chief Physician, Ph.D Advisor
Areas of Focus Gastric cancer, Colorectal tumors and Complex abdominal diseases

1985.8~1990.7 Shandong Medical University, Clinical;

1990.8~1993.7, Shandong Medical University, Master's degree in General Surgery;

2004.7 got doctor’s degree in General Surgery of Shandong University

1993.7~, General Surgery Department of Qilu Hospital.

He has rich clinical experience and in-depth research on common and intractable diseases in general surgery. In recent years, he has been especially devoted to the  diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer, colorectal tumors and complex abdominal diseases, as well as the research of l laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical  treatment of corresponding diseases, obtaining high reputation both inside and outside of shandong province.