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Name Jie Gong
Title Chief Physician, Associate professor, Master Advisor
Areas of Focus Pediatric neurosurgery

Member of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Neurosurgery Branch;
Chairman of the Pediatric Neurosurgical Committee of Pain Medical Association of Shandong Province;
Member of the Functional Neurosurgery Committee of the Chinese Association of Neurosurgery;
Member of the Youth Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Glioma Committee;
Standing member of neurooncology branch of Shandong anti-cancer association and vice chairman of Youth Committee;
He has been responsible for the key research and development program of Shandong Province (Science and technology tackling part), the Research Award Fund for outstanding young and middle-aged scientists in Shandong Province, the independent innovation fund of Shandong University and the science and Technology Star Program Fund of Jinan City. He is employed as the first batch of expert of "expert database of judicial expertise industry of Shandong Province expert database of medical damage" . He participated in the translation of 《pediatric neurosurgery 》(original work [American] Alan R. Cohen), and co-edited 《clinical neurosurgery》 and《 trigeminal neuralgia》. He published three English articles in SCI and more than ten Chinese papers as the first author or corresponding author. He also had oral presentation and wall newspaper exchange at the World Federation of neurologic societies 2019 special World Congress. He has been engaged in neurosurgery clinical work for more than 10 years, with solid theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience. He is good at microsurgical treatment of various brain and spinal cord tumors and minimally invasive neuroendoscopic surgery, especially good at deep brain, skull base and sellar region complex lesions surgical treatment, as well as trigeminal neuralgia, facial spasm, glossopharyngeal neuralgia microvascular decompression treatment.
The main professional direction is pediatric neurosurgery (patients under 14 years old belonging to the category of pediatric neurosurgery). The main diseases of pediatric neurosurgery include central nervous system tumor, craniosynostosis, congenital neural tube malformation (diastematomyelia, myelomeningocele, spinal cord tethered cord, intraspinal lipoma), craniocervical junction malformation, hydrocephalus, craniocerebral trauma , cerebrovascular diseases of brain and spinal cord and functional diseases of brain.