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Name Wang Yunyan
Title Chief Surgeon, Professor of Shandong University, Doctoral Supervisor
Areas of Focus The first person in Qilu Hospital to carry out neuro-interventional technology Master the embolization treatment of carotid cavernous fistula and dural arteriovenous fistula via transarterial and transvenous routes, neurointervention and surgical treatme

Academic Achievements

The research field mainly focuses on gene therapy of cerebrovascular disease and gene therapy of glioma. Winner of Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Shandong Province. As the first author,having published more than 50 articles in various journals, 26 of which been included in SCI. Undertake 1 project from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 1 project from the Shandong Province Doctoral Fund. As the first researcher, having won 1 the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Shandong Province and 1 the first prize for outstanding scientific research achievements of universities in Shandong Province. Obtained 1 national invention patent and 1 utility model patent. 

Social Appointments

Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Stroke Society’s Cerebrovascular Disease Complex Intervention Branch.
Member of the Hybrid Surgery Group of the Neurointervention Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.
Member of the Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Committee of the Chinese Society of Gerontology.
Chairman of the Cerebrovascular Intervention and Surgery Branch of Shandong Stroke Society.
Deputy Chairman of the Stroke Screening and Prevention Professional Committee of Shandong Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention Association.
Deputy leader of the Interventional Neurology Group of the Neurosurgery Branch of Shandong Medical Association.

Schedule of Specialist Clinics

Outpatient Consultation of well-known experts:  Tuesday morning
International medical department consultation:  Wednesday morning