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Name Jiangang Wang
Title M.D., Ph.D., Chief Physician
Areas of Focus Brain tumors, Cerebrovascular diseases, Cerebral trauma, Spinal cord diseases

From 1980-1985, Dr. Wang gained a bachelor's degree in Shandong Medical College of the medicine department. After graduation, he was assigned to affiliated hospitals of Shandong Medical College, working so far. In the period, he received his M.D. and Ph.D., completing his neurosurgical residency, chief resident, attending physician, associate chief physician, and chief physician at affiliated hospitals of Shandong Medical College (Shandong Medical University Hospital, Qilu Hospital). From 25 years clinical work in the front line, Dr. Wang is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors brain, cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral trauma, and spinal cord diseases with excellent neurosurgical techniques, who is one of the most capable neurosurgeons in Shandong Province. As the masters’ supervisor, Dr. Wang has trained and educated 4 master degree candidates and co-supervised over 20 Ph.D. candidates.