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Name Jian Wang
Title Professor/Researcher of the department
Areas of Focus Deputy Director of Brain Science Research Institute of Shandong University Basic and Clinical Research in the field of Neuro-Oncology

Dr. Jian Wang is a doctoral supervisor, “Taishan Scholar”. He is also a Professor of Bergen University, Norway. With his significant contribution, the Shandong University together with the University of Bergen, jointly established ChiNor Brain Science Research Center and Dr. Wang is working as the executive deputy director of the centre. In addition, he is the international collaboration ambassador of Shandong University, the committee member of basic and translational research for glioma special committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the committer member of brain function and translational research of Chinese Research Hospital as well as an associated member of American Cancer Research Association.

Dr. Wang has been working on the research field of Neuro-Oncology for more than 30 years, mainly focuses on: 1) elucidating the mechanisms of tumor development and invasion within the CNS; 2) development of therapeutic approaches for the prevention of brain tumour recurrence. Specifically, he and his team are working on: establishment of a novel, clinically relevant intracranial model of glioma that reflects the geno- and phenotypes of human gliomas in situ; engineering novel immunotherapeutic approaches to target brain tumors; establishment of a novel glioma invasion platform using fMOST to study for tumor-stroma interaction and blood vessel networks; testing FDA-approved drugs on different glioma cell lines and biopsies, which will guide the selection of tumour associated stromal specific targets for therapeutic validation.

Dr. Wang has published 80 peer-reviewed PubMed indexed papers in well-known scientific journals including EMBO Molecular Medicine, Brain, Autophagy, Clinical Cancer Research, Cell Death & Differentiation, Oncogene and so for. He has supervised 20 doctoral and postgraduate students.His research has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Scientific and Technological Innovation projects in Shandong Province, Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University as well as the Norwegian foundations.