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Name Yong Hou
Title Professor, Chief Physician, M.D., Master Advisor
Areas of Focus Spinal and joint diseases

Yong Hou, male, born in February 1971, professor, chief physician, M.D., master supervisor.

Education experience

1989-1994, studied in Taishan Medical University, obtained the bachelor's degree in clinical medicine. From 1999 to 2001, I studied in Shandong Medical University and received my master's degree under professor Nie Lin. In 2004, I received my doctor's degree under Professor Tang Jiwen. Visiting scholar at HSS Hospital.

Work experience

From 1994 to 1999, I worked in Jinan Refinery Staff Hospital. In 2004, I worked in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University as attending physician, deputy chief physician and chief physician.

Social title

Young expert member of bone and Joint and Rheumatism Professional Committee of Chinese Rehabilitation Medical Association, member of spinal Non-fusion Group;Vice chairman and Secretary of spinal Trauma Working Group of Orthopaedic Specialty Committee of Chinese Medical Education Association;Member of Spinal Surgery Professional Committee of Shandong Medical Doctors Association;Vice chairman of Spinal cord Professional Committee of Shandong Rehabilitation Medical Association; Standing member of orthopaedic Committee of Shandong Geriatric Medical Association, leader of lumbar spine, member of orthopaedic Committee of Shandong Pain Medical Association.

Academic achievement

I have studied in the United States, South Korea and other places for many times and have a visiting scholar in HSS hospital in the United States. Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal and joint diseases. I have presided over one important and development plan of Shandong Province and one scientific research award fund for outstanding young and middle-aged scientists in Shandong Province. The current scientific research fund is 200,000 yuan. A total of 66 papers were published, 12 of which were included by SCI. Obtained 2 national invention patents;