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Name Yufeng Cheng
Title Vice President of Qilu Hospital, Director of Radiotherapy, Professor, Chief Physician, M.D., Ph.D. Advisor, Post-doctor in Radiation Oncology
Areas of Focus Comprehensive treatment of thoracic tumors

Yufeng Cheng, Professor II of Shandong University, Chair Professor of of Taishan Scholars and prominent medical expert, who is now the deputy director of Qilu Hospital and member of academic committee, having taken charge of Director of the Section for 22 years. He also acts as: the chairman of Radiation Oncology Professional Committee of Shandong Medical Association; the first chairman of the Branch of Cancer Radiotherapy in Shandong Medical Doctors Association; the member of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th session of Radiation Oncology Society of Chinese Medical Association; the member of Professional Committee on Radiation Oncology of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; the member of physicians branch of Radiation Oncology, Chinese Physicians' Association; the managing director in Medical Association of Pain in Shandong; the editorial board member of Chinese Journal Of Radiation Oncology And Chinese Journal Of Cancer Prevention And Treatment. He is the chief editor of Practical Anti-cancer Therapeutics by People's Medical Publishing House, the deputy translator of Principles And Practice of Cancer - Oncology and an associate editor of 5 books like Clinical Oncology Radiotherapy.
He is skilled at precision radiotherapy and comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and other malignant tumor, which receive a number of awards like the first prize of New Technology in Qilu Hospital and the second prize of successful rescue of difficult and critical cases. As a deputy group leader and executive secretary, he participates in the formulation of national norms with Radiotherapy Branch of Chinese Medical Association, such as: Consensus Of Chinese Experts In Glioma Radiotherapy; Guidelines For Radiotherapy Of Esophageal Cancer; Experts’ Consensus On Standardized Management Of Nutrition For Patients In Radiotherapy; Guidelines For Pain Management Through Radiotherapy.
Now he is in charge of three projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project of Natural Science Foundation in Shandong Province, one Science and Technology Project in Shandong, and two teaching and research projects of Shandong University. He has trained more than 100 doctoral, master's and overseas graduate students. He is the first one who has won five awards, including the second prize of Shandong’s Science and Technology Progress and the first prize of Shandong’s Excellent Scientific Research Achievements in Universities, and has published more than 100 papers as the first or corresponding author including 71 articles selected in SCI as well as the impact factor exceeding 210 points. From 1997 to 1998, he went to Hartford Hospital in the United States for further education in tumor radiotherapy, and delivered speeches during attending at the American Radiotherapy Annual Conference and the New England Radiotherapy Annual Conference. In 2011, he went to the University of Melbourne in Australia for academic exchange and friendly visit. He has been awarded Nationally Top 10 Doctors With A Good Reputation, the leading talent of Qilu Health and health, the service model of Shandong Provincial Health system, the first Top Ten Doctors Qilu Hospital and other honorary titles.