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Qilu Hospital holds symposium on national talents cultivation

Updatetime:2022-10-27 09:18:50 From:Qilu Hospital

In order to implement the strategy of "invigorating the hospital with talents" and anchor the course of the development of young talents, the 2022 symposium on national talents cultivation in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was held at the Academic Exchange Center on October 15. Liu Qiji, Vice Dean of Cheeloo College of Medicine, Gao Chengjiang(National Leading Talent), Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhao Han(National Leading Talent), Vice Dean of the Reproductive Hospital, Qi Xiaopeng(National Leading Talent), Professor of Advanced Medical Research Institute, Chen Yuguo, President of Qilu Hospital, heads of relevant functional departments of the hospital, directors of departments, and 31 representatives of outstanding young talents attended the forum. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Xu Feng.

At the meeting, young talents reported their personal achievements as well as their goals and plans on becoming national talents, analyzed their shortcomings of personal development, and put forward their needs. Directors of various disciplines made comments and briefly described the personalized support scheme for talents. Finally, evaluation experts made comprehensive comments on personal development of young talents and the support of the discipline team. Through exchanges, participants fully discussed the shortcomings of talent development, research direction summary, top-level design planning of disciplines, talent application policies and other issues. Experts put forward pertinent suggestions for our talent work. They said that young talents should enhance their consciousness, carrying out scientific research that not only of great clinical significance, but also meeting the needs of national policies. Talent development not only depends on themselves, but needs the nourishment of the team as well. We should have a sense of the overall situation on talent development and make long-term strategic plans at both the individual and hospital levels.
In his concluding speech, Chen Yuguo pointed out that the purpose of the meeting is to let young talents find their position, to enable directors to make long-term plans for talents, and to enable hospitals to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of talents and disciplines, giving full play to the role of hospital in promoting talents. Chen Yuguo said that the hospital fully supported the growth of young talents. In response to the demand of young talents, the hospital will further improve supporting policies and services, and increase financial support. The Emergency Complex which still under construction will also provide a more advanced platform for scientific research after being put into use. Chen Yuguo stressed that young talents should bravely go out, publicize their personal achievements, and try to exchange and cooperate with renowned experts. Chen Yuguo encouraged young talents to seize the opportunity, striving to achieve individual values as well as hospital’s development goals. Relevant functional departments of the hospital should continuously enhance their ability to organize scientific research and serve the clinical departments, protect young talents, focus on talent team construction, stimulate the vitality of young talents, and gather strength, intelligence and energy for the high-quality development of the hospital.

The symposium provides ideas for the next step of talent work of the hospital. The hospital will further organize talents, discipline teams, and functional departments to plan together and make joint efforts to create a good environment for talent development and achieve a remarkable breakthrough in cultivating national talents.

By Sun Yingtao,Ji Haoyi