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Name Congxin Wei
Title Associate Chief Physician
Areas of Focus Imaging diagnosis of chest and abdomen diseases

Wei Congxin (Born 1964.1), from Qingdao, Shandong, bachelor's degree. 
associate chief doctor. Graduated from the medical school of 
Shandong Univerisity in 1988 and worked in the university as a
teaching staff. Deputy director of the radiology department of the 
second hospital of Shandong University from 1997 to 2002. Start
working in Qilu Hospital of Shandong Univerisity from 2002 to the 

Rich experience in teaching, diagnosis, and research work 
in radiology since 1988. Possessed high proficiency in diagnosis of 
various diseases using CT and MRI, especially in chest and abdomen diseases. Accurately diagnosed and treated lots of rare cases over the 
years, received two silk banners from patients. Lectures at 
Shandong University for various student groups including 
undergraduate, graduate, and international students. Received teaching 
award many times. Published 20 research papers, with two in SCI. 
Attended Asia Conference on Interventional Oncology 2000. Coauthored 
Brain and Spinal Cord Diagnostics with CT and MRI, Body CT 
Diagnostics, Endocrine and Metabolic Emergency, Abdominal Imaging, 
Chest Imaging, and Diagnostic Imaging. Participated in studies 
organized by the Ministry of Health in 2004. 

Served as an editor in the Journal of Rate Diseases. Currently a 
member of the Stereotactic Radiosurgery Committee of the Precision 
Oncology Branch of the Shandong Research Hospital Association. A 
member of the Lung Oncology Group of the Precision Oncology Branch of 
the Shandong Research Hospital Association.