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Name Xiaoming Zhang
Title M.D., Ph.D., Chief Physician
Areas of Focus Imaging diagnosis of abdominal diseases

MD&PhD of Shandong University Medical College

Attending radiologist of Shandong university QiLu hospital

Specializing in Image diagnosis of abdominal and pelvic diseases

Studied at Cornell University, New York, USA as a visiting scholar in 2006-2007

Held excellent master's Thesis Award of Shandong Province, Cum Laude Award (SCBT-MR, America, 2007), Lecture competition award of Shandong University

In charge of three projects of Shandong university, Shandong Provincial Department of health and Department of science and technology. Held the science and technology progress award of Shandong Province for three times.

Published several articles as first author or corresponding author, three of which were cited in SCI.

Attended international academic conference and gave speech for three times