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Name Dexin Yu
Title Professor, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Physician, Professor, Deputy Director of the Department of Radiology
Areas of Focus CT and MRI diagnosis of thoracic, abdominal diseases and nano-molecular imaging

Dexin YU (1971.03-), Professor, MD. and Ph. D. of Imaging Medicine, postdoctoral fellows of basic medicine and chemistry and doctoral supervisor in Radiology. The titles/positions are chief physician/professor and deputy director of department of radiology, and associate director of research center of transformation medicine in nanomolecular and functional imaging, Shandong University. His research directions are CT and MRI diagnosis of thoracic and abdominal diseases and nano-molecular imaging. Today more than 120 papers (18 of SCI) and 10 publications are published as the author, corresponding author, chief editor, deputy editor or editorial board member, supported by 13 research foundations including NSFC, Shandong NSF, and so on. In addition, he has more than 30 adjunct professor' positions including member of molecular committee of branch association of radiology in chinese medical association,vice chairman of branch association of radiology in Shandong province medical association,and editorial board members of chinese journal of anatomy and clinical, journal of chinese radiology, and so on. Email: