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Name Chuanfu Li
Title M.D., Chief Physician, Professor, Ph.D. Advisor
Areas of Focus Diagnoses of abdominal diseases, central nervous system diseases, and bone lesions

Chuanfu Li, (M.D, born October 1945 in Jinan, Shandong) was admitted into the Shandong Medical College, with a major in medicine in 1964. He completed his Bachelors Diploma in July 1970 after 6 years of study, and was assigned to Zhangqiu community hospital where he worked as a General Doctor for 8 years.
In 1980, he was admitted to Shandong Medical College’s (SMC), majoring in Radiology and General Medicine through the Masters students Entrance Exam. During his time at SMC, he served as class prefect and was tutored by renowned professors in imaging-diagnosis: Professor Zunying Zhang and Boxun Hua.
After two years of apprenticeship, he completed his thesis paper and graduation evaluation, officially receiving his Master’s degree. He remained to work in the Department of Radiology at Qilu Hospital. (Former affiliated Hospital of Shandong Medical College)
From 1986-88, following the instructions of the National Health Department, he was sent to the Republic of Seychelles. He worked tirelessly under the inspiration of Norman Bethune, and outstandingly achieved his allocated tasks as part of the Chinese Medical Team of International Aid.
In 1991, he pursued further studies at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, USA. In the same year, he was named Vice Director of Radiology at Shandong Medical College.
In 1994, he was appointed graduate students supervisor at Shandong Medical College Radiology and General Medicine. He recruited and supervised 19 Masters candidates, two of whom were foreign international students.
1998, Chuanfu engaged in short term studies in West Germany.
In 2000, promoted to the Director of Radiology at Qilu Hospital.
2001, he was selected as a doctoral supervisor at Shandong University, recruiting and mentoring 25 Doctoral candidates and 2 Post-Doctoral candidates.
In 2005, he was appointed as professor at Shandong University, and named as a National Second-Class professor in 2010.
Once a board member in the Radiology Department of the Chinese Medical Association, Chuanfu Li was also selected the Vice Director of the Shandong Medical Association, Director of the Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technologies, and Vice Director of the Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute. He was also a standing member of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, and also served as a Deputy Editorial Board Member of the Radiology sector of Foreign Medical Sciences; also the Deputy Editor of the Chinese Medical Imaging Magazine.
Chuanfu Li specializes in the diagnoses of abdominal diseases, central nervous system diseases, and bone lesions. As a post-graduate supervisor with a strong focus on new theories and techniques in Radiology, he guided his students toward the new trends of said subject, and fostered them to conduct thorough scientific research. Research papers published by his students are well received internationally, making appearances in many medical magazines, some compiled by the SCI. He was an editorial advisory board member of 5 monographs, and received Scientific and Technological Advancement provincial honors for 5 projects.
In the December of 2010, he was re-hired after retirement, and since then, continues to work on the front-line.