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Name Xiangxing Ma
Title Professor, Ph.D. Advisor, Director of Imaging Center/ Radiology Department of Qilu Hospital (Central Campus and Qingdao Campus)
Areas of Focus Imaging diagnosis of various difficult and rare diseases

Party Secretary of Qingdao Campus of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Director of Department of Medical Imaging of Shandong University, Director of Imaging Center and Director of Radiology Department of Qilu Hospital (Central Campus and Qingdao Campus). He is currently a rehired professor in the radiology department. He graduated from Shandong Medical College in 1983 with a bachelor's degree of clinical medicine; was appointed as associate chief physician and master tutor in 1997; was appointed as chief physician and professor in 2001, and visited New York University Medical Center in the United States as a senior visiting scholar in 2004; and was appointed as a doctoral tutor by Shandong University in 2010.The research interests are imaging diagnosis of thoracic and abdominal diseases and tumor molecular imaging. In clinical work, he is good at imaging diagnosis of various difficult and rare diseases, and took the lead in carrying out new techniques such as CT-guided biopsy, cyst interventional therapy and tumor ablation therapy. He is currently also a member of Chinese Society of Radiology, Chairman of Shandong Society of Radiology, Chairman of Imaging Branch of Shandong Association of Integrative Medicine, Executive Associate Editor of Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Imaging, Editorial Board Member of Journal of Radiological Practice, Chinese Medical Imaging Technology and Journal of Clinical Radiology. In recent years, he published more than 100 articles, including more than 10 articles cited in SCI; edited 4 monographs as editor or associate editors, and 1 monograph as participants. He won 5 scientific research achievement awards, of which he won the third prize of Shandong Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2013 (rank the first). In recent years, he has undertaken 5 projects. In 2009, he won the title of "Top Ten Love and Dedication Models of Shandong University" and was rewarded as an excellent teacher for many times.