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Name Qing Wang
Title M.D., Chief Physician, Director of Radiology Department, Ph.D. Advisor
Areas of Focus Imaging diagnosis of abdominal and pelvic diseases

Wang Qing,M.D., chief physician, director of Radiology Department of Qilu Hospital, Master and Ph.D. Advisor of Shandong University. She graduated from the school of medicine of Shandong University in 1985. Since then, she has been working at the Radiology Department of Qilu Hospital. She is good at imaging diagnosis of diseases of various systems, especially expert at abdominal and pelvic diseases. She has published more than 130 papers, including 30 cited on SCI journals. Wang Qing is the chief editor for "practical gynecological imaging diagnosis" and "imaging diagnosis of abdominal diseases",both published by the People's Medical Publishing House. She has been undertaking or held over 5 projects, including scientific and technological projects of Shandong Province, natural funding projects of Shandong Province and scientific research projects of Jinan Science and Technology Bureau. Wang Qing has supervised over 30 master and doctor students.
Meanwhile, she is also a member of the abdominal section of the Chinese Society of Radiology,vice-president of the Radiology professional committee of the Cross-Strait Medical and Health Exchange Association, the member of the Abdominal Group of the Magnetic Resonance Committee of the Chinese Medical Equipment Association, the vice-president of Shandong Radiology Association and Shandong Medical Association, the head of the Abdominal Group of Shandong Radiology Society, the editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Digestion and Medical Imageology (Electronic Edition), the editorial board member of the Journal of Medical Imaging, the editorial board member of Chinese Imaging Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine, and the reviewer of Journal of Shandong University (Health Sciences),etc.