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Chen Yuguo led the team to participate in the 22nd national medical and health industry talent recruitment fair

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On December 7, the first Beijing Tianjin Hebei health personnel exchange meeting and the 22nd national medical and health industry talent recruitment fair, sponsored by the talent exchange service center of the National Health Commission, Tianjin Health and Health Commission, Beijing health and Health Commission, and Hebei health and Health Commission, was held in Tianjin. Chen Yuguo, President of Qilu Hospital, led the team, Ji Chunyan, vice president, Lu Ming, director of scientific research department, and relevant personnel of personnel department attended the recruitment fair.

In front of the hospital recruitment booth, there were a lot of people and warm atmosphere, and there were a lot of applicants and consultants. Hundreds of hospital brochures carefully prepared in advance were quickly collected. In this job fair, the hospital has received more than 200 resumes of outstanding graduates who meet the needs of the hospital and have clear intention to apply for jobs. Among them, there are many excellent postdoctors, doctors and professionals in urgent need. With Beijing Tianjin Hebei region as the center, the fair radiates medical institutions, medical colleges and well-known enterprises from all over the country, attracting nearly 400 exhibitors and more than 15000 on-site applicants.

Hospital leaders attach great importance to the recruitment of graduates. During the recruitment fair, Chen Yuguo and relevant leaders of the National Health Commission exchanged information on the supply and demand of graduates and the recruitment needs of the unit. In the next step, the hospital will adhere to the working principle of "going out and bringing in", actively expand the recruitment channels, expand the attraction of the hospital to outstanding graduates from other provinces, and do a good job in introducing high-level talents and recruiting graduates.