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Name Xuefeng Lu
Title Professor, Master Advisor
Areas of Focus Diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical treatment of early GI tumors, Other complicated digestive diseases

Dr. Xuefeng Lu is the deputy director of the Digestive Endoscopy Center of Qilu Hospital, the director of the first ward of the Department of Gastroenterology, the deputy director of the Department of Diagnostics of Shandong University School of Medicine.
Dr. Lu is committed to clinical, teaching and research work of digestive system diseases. He has solid basic theory, comprehensive technology, and is proficient in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment. He is particularly good at the diagnosis and minimally invasive surgical treatment of early GI tumors, as well as other complicated digestive diseases. He has published 8 academic monographs and served as the editor-in-chief of the eighth edition of the textbook "Diagnostics" and supplementary materials planned by the Ministry of Health. He is the lecturer of "Diagnostics", a resource sharing course of the National Health Commission, and one of the main undertakers of the national quality course of diagnostics. Dr. Lu has published many high-level SCI papers, undertook many research projects, and won many national, provincial and school achievement awards.