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Name Youan Zhao
Title Professor, Chief Physician, Ph.D. Advisor
Areas of Focus Diseases in Gastroenterology

Dr. Youan Zhao graduated from the English Medical Class of Shandong Medical College in 1968. From 1989 to 1990, he was sent to the Columbia University School of Medicine in New York to study digestive diseases and digestive endoscopy.
Previous positions:
Dr. Zhao has long been engaged in clinical medical treatment and scientific research in Gastroenterology, and has been committed to promoting digestive endoscopy in our province. He was the first to carry out "percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy" in China and made the first CD for teaching to fill the domestic gap. He is the first in the province to carry out the "endoscopic sclerotherapy and ligation for esophageal varices bleeding", and high-frequency electric, laser, and microwave endoscopic gastrointestinal polypectomy. The book "Practical Digestive Endoscopy Therapy" has been well received by domestic colleagues, and has become a reference book for advanced studies and clinical operation techniques. He is the deputy editor and co-editor of 4 books, has published more than 40 papers in domestic and foreign journals, and undertaken scientific research projects of national and provincial levels. He has trained 14 master students and 4 doctoral students.