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Name Ming Yan
Title M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Chief Physician, Ph.D. Advisor
Areas of Focus Digestive diseases, Difficult diseases in liver and gallbladder

Dr. Ming Yan is the director of geriatric Gastroenterology Department, Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, He is also one of the Outstanding academic leaders of Shandong health system by Shandong Health Department.

He was member of the Standing Committee of Hepatopathy Association of Chinese Medical Association and the chair of Hepatopathy Association of Shandong Medical Association.

He is member of the Standing Committee of Gastroenterologist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctors Association; Member of The Standing Committee of Digestion Branch of China health information and Medical Big Data Society; Deputy leader of hepatology Free Group, Hepatology Branch, Chinese Medical Association; The chairman of Shandong Doctors Association digestive doctor Branch, the first deputy chairman of Shandong Medical Association digestion branch, shandong Integrative Medicine Liver disease Branch, etc.

He is member of magazine editorial board or executive editorial board of more than 10 kinds of magazine including "JCTH", "WJG", Chinese Journal of Liver Diseases etc.