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Blood Transfusion

The department of blood transfusion, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, is a comprehensive and professional department integrating medicine, teaching and research. The department now has 21 staff members, including 1 associate senior technologist , 3 attending physicians, 7 supervising technicians, 8 technicians and 2 assistant technicians. Three of them pursued their doctoral degrees and nine of them pursued their masters degrees.

As a bridge and pioneer of blood therapy, the department of blood transfusion provides patients with transfusion-related treatment and clinical transfusion therapy related services. The functions of the blood transfusion department are as follows:

1. Responsible for the application and review of clinical blood use plans and standardizing clinical blood application review, formulating clinical blood transfusion quality control and management evaluation standards;

2. Undertaking clinical blood transfusion consultation and guidance, difficult medical history discussion and case evaluation;

3. Responsible for clinical blood transfusion business guidance, personnel training and academic exchanges;

4. Responsible for blood transfusion-related collaborative research, promotion of new technologies and new businesses;

5. Responsible for clinical blood transfusion quality control and management tasks;

6. Responsible for tasks assigned by the health administrative department;

7. Responsible for the preservation and query of blood transfusion files;

8. Responsible for clinical blood transfusion consulting services.
The blood components provided by the department of blood transfusion include: Suspended leukocyte-free red blood cells, washing red blood cells, irradiation red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, virus inactivation frozen plasma, apheresis platelets, cryoprecipitate, etc. The department of blood transfusion has all kinds of equipment necessary for safe blood transfusion: ORTHO VISION MAX automatic blood Group analyzer, ORTHO Autovue automatic blood group and blood matching analysis system, Swiss Hamiltion automatic blood group analyzer, Haemoscope Thrombelastograph®Analyzer, Haier blood storage refrigerator, plasma thawing instrument, platelet shock storage box, etc. The department is also equipped with 2 ozone therapy devices and 2 blood cell separators, which are used for blood transfusion-related treatment and autogenous blood collection of patients to provide relevant services for clinical blood transfusion treatment.

The department of blood transfusion consists of blood immunology testing laboratory, blood matching room, blood Issuing room, blood storage room and therapy room. The business scope includes :

(1) ABO blood positive and negative typing, Rh blood type identification and typing, cross matching (microcolumn gel method, polycoagulant amine method, anti-human sphere method), irregular antibody identification, Coombs test, platelet antibodies identification, neonatal hemolytic serological test and prenatal antibody test.

(2) Carry out component blood transfusion to improve the quality of blood transfusion. The proportion of component transfusion reached more than 99%.

(3) Carry out perioperative autologous blood transfusion and autologous blood collection and preservation for patients with rare blood type.

(4) Carry out intraoperative autologous platelet collection, plasma exchange, red blood cell removal, stem cell collection and other treatment projects to provide clinical convenience.

(5) To conduct a series of thromboelasmogram tests to guide clinical rational blood transfusion and adjust anti-platelet drug therapy strategies.

(6) Responsible for the preservation and inquiry of blood transfusion archives.

(7) Blood transfusion physicians actively participate in the review and consultation of difficult blood transfusion and large amount of blood use in clinical practice, as well as the treatment of emergency trauma patients, so as to provide a reasonable blood transfusion plan for emergency trauma patients and ensure the safety of blood transfusion for patients.

(8) Participate in solving the blood use of new clinical technologies and new surgical cases, and provide accurate and effective blood infusion for clinical practice.

The department of blood transfusion is the unit of chairman of Clinical Blood Transfusion Branch of Shandong Medical Association, and the unit of vice-chairman of the first National Autotransfusion Professional Group. Moreover, It is the unit of Chinese Society of Clinical Transfusion Medicine, Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, Shandong Society of Blood Transfusion, Clinical Working Committee of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, Chinese blood management society of cardiothoracic and vascular Anesthesiolog,and Ethics Working Committee of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, ect. He serves on editorial boards of several international journals, such as Blood and Genomics, Chinese Journal of Blood Transfusion, and Journal of Clinical Transfusion and Laboratory Medicine, ect.
The department undertakes a national project, a provincial Doctoral fund, an independent innovation fund for Universities and institutes in Jinan, and the Initial Funding for New Clinical and Practical Techniques of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. 4 provincial scientific and technological achievements was awarded. Moreover, more than 40 academic papers have been published by the department staff, among which 8 papers have been SCI indexed as the first or corresponding author, and 5 professional books on blood transfusion were edited.