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Stomatology department is a key specialty in Shandong Province, which has abundant technical force and advanced medical equipment. It has 8 professors and 17 associate professors, including 2 doctoral supervisors and 8 master supervisors. There are 52 hospital beds, 40 comprehensive treatment chairs, 20 hospital beds and 16 comprehensive treatment chairs in Qingdao hospital. The department is specialized in oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral prosthodontics, orthodontics, and oral radiology, and has advanced equipment such as oral cone beam CT, digital curved surface tomography, root canal microscope, and digital 3D printing system beside the chair. In oral and maxillofacial tumor diagnosis and treatment, tissue flap transplantation, cleft lip and palate sequence treatment, temporomandibular joint surgery, etc., has been in the leading position in the province. Among them, palatopharyngeal ligation, a modified palatopharyngeal reconstruction operation, is the first of kind in the world. In recent years, it has reached the advanced level in the treatment of maxillofacial malformation, cranial-maxillofacial combined with radical surgery, orthognathic surgery, temporomandibular joint disease, hemangioma and vascular malformation. As "smile train" IN China one of the earliest fixed-point units, mouth cavity has been for nearly all patients with CLEFT lip and palate surgery, treatment effect has reached the international advanced level, IN 2015 awarded by "smile train" world LEADER "treatment of CLEFT lip and palate (GLOBAL LEADER IN CLEFT CARE)," the title. Among them, palatopharyngeal ligation, a modified palatopharyngeal reconstruction operation, is the first of kind in the world.  

Oral medicine with tooth pulp disease, periodontal disease, children's dental disease and oral mucosal disease four professional, mainly to carry out the dental caries, dental pulp diseases and periapical disease such as tooth pulp disease treatment, minimally invasive repair, microscopic root canal therapy, CAD/CAM chair beside the digital tooth repair, fluorine spot tooth and tetracycline teeth whitening treatment, comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease, children's dental treatment and malocclusion deformity of early intervention, the diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal disease, treatment effect has reached the domestic advanced level.  

In terms of oral prosthodontics and orthodontics, artificial biomaterials are used to make various devices, orthodontics or prosthodontics to restore, reconstruct or correct all kinds of congenital malformations, acquired defects or abnormal oral and maxillofacial system diseases, so as to make them reach the normal level. It mainly carries out the repair and treatment of dental defects or malformations by using fixed or movable repair technology and the repair and treatment of dental defects; Maxillofacial defect was repaired and treated by maxillofacial prosthesis. At the same time also carry out periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disease prevention and repair treatment. For patients with malocclusion, standard wire arch, various straight wire arches, functional orthodontics and other fixed orthodontic techniques are widely used.  

The Department of Stomatology is responsible for the cultivation of undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. So far, it has cultivated more than 10 postdoctoral students, more than 20 doctoral students and dozens of master's students. In addition, the Department of Stomatology has received more than 200 people from both inside and outside the province to study in the department, training a large number of talents for grassroots hospitals. Qilu Hospital is the quality control group leader unit for standardized training of resident doctors in Shandong Province, and nearly 100 resident doctors have been trained by the society and commissioned units successively.  

As the national clinical pharmacological experimental base, our department has completed a number of drug clinical trials and clinical trials of implantable dentures, which have been highly recognized by relevant departments for their high standardization and rigor.