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Department of Urology, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was set up in the 1950s, it has grown into the key department of hospital for 80 years’ development。For now it is member unit of Shandong province medical association uropoiesis surgical department branch director committee, the Chinese medical association of urology surgery branch of bladder cancer alliance, China international exchange association for the advancement of urinary health care health promotion branch "Huatuo Project" and urology core technology training base, integration of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer center and prostate biopsy training base, it has a group of solid academic foundations, experienced experts and professors, for over 17 experts with associate higher vocational title and 120 beds, most advanced urological diagnosis and treatment equipments currently, which fully adapt to the diagnosis and treatment requirements of urinary diseases from both hardware and software.

The department has established a scientific management system and formed a good atmosphere for scientific research. In recent years, the scientific research work has also achieved fruitful results.In 2017, the key laboratory of Urinary Precision Diagnosis and Treatment in Universities of Shandong was established, and the Prostate Disease Research Center of Shandong University was established in 2019. Relying on a large number of advanced scientific research instruments and equipment, the department can complete routine clinical tests including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture, histopathology and other basic research. The range of diagnosis and treatment includes congenital malformations of the urinary system, tumors, stones, trauma, abnormal urination and male reproductive system diseases. New technical features were also reflected by some difficult diseases treatments. For example, brachytherapy for prostate cancer, which was carried out the earliest in the province, has been recommended as the first choice of alternative surgical treatment for prostate cancer in the United States.The comprehensive technical level is in the leading position in the province.

Department of Urology, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University has formed with its own characteristics and academic style of the professional, it has a certain degree of popularity in China, and it has made an outstanding contribution to the development of urology both domestic and provincial. To comply with the international trend in the development of surgical refinement, further enhance for patients with standardized, professional quality of medical services, since 2011 the department started to develop the specialized subject construction, including adrenal specialty, kidneys specialty, urothelial carcinoma of the specialized subject, prostate disease, male specialty and urinary calculi specialty.The department has established its leading position in the field of urology in Shandong Province.