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Rehabilitation Center

Our department is the chairman unit of Chinese Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the national standardized training and demonstration center of rehabilitation physicians, the affiliated unit of Shandong Quality Control Center of Rehabilitation Medicine, the deputy editor in chief unit of Chinese Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the deputy editor in chief unit of Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, the designated hospital for rehabilitation physician training in Shandong Province, and the training base for rehabilitation therapists in Shandong Province. The Department was responsible for drafting all 20 clinical pathways of Rehabilitation Medicine, edited 3 planning textbooks for rehabilitation medicine, 1 planning textbook for deputy chief editor, presided over the compilation of 22 guides for physical medicine and rehabilitation diseases and treatment, and took the lead in compiling “Chinese Guide to Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain”. In recent years, it has undertaken 18 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 5 provincial and ministerial level projects, published more than 40 SCI papers and more than 100 domestic core journal papers, and won one second prize and three third prizes of Shandong Province Science and technology progress award. As the affiliated unit of Shandong Rehabilitation Medicine Quality Control Center and chairman unit of Shandong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, the department actively cooperated with the health administrative department in quality control and rehabilitation training.

The Department undertakes the clinical rehabilitation of patients with diseases and injuries in the acute stage in Qilu Hospital, while carries out systematic and standardized rehabilitation treatment for subacute and chronic diseases. At present, there are 126 beds in the ward, and all wards are equipped with barrier free facilities according to international standards. There are more than 100 rehabilitation doctors, therapists and nurses. It has formed characteristic sub specialties of nerve rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation and pediatric rehabilitation. It carries out CT/US-guided botulinum toxin injection of cricopharyngeus muscle, lumbar multi-directional rapid traction, EMG guided botulinum toxin injection, orthotic configuration, virtual reality rehabilitation training, upper and lower limb rehabilitation robot training and other advanced domestic characteristic clinical treatment technologies.