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Pre-hospital Emergency Department

The Pre-hospital Emergency Department of QiLu Hospital of Shandong University was established on January 20, 2014, including 11 doctors, 21 nurses, 8 drivers and 5 MICU. The department consisting of "Mobile Work station of Chest Pain Center ", "Mobile ICU" and QiLu Inter-hospital Transfer Center mainly engages in pre-hospital emergency treatment, inter-hospital transport of critically ill patients, the emergency medical rescue of public health emergencies, medical security of major events and publicity and popularization of public first-aid knowledge. We are good at pre-hospital treatment and transportation of acute chest pain and other diseases that seriously endanger people's lives.


The hardware equipment, real-time wireless transmission of electrocardiogram and vital signs and rescue of critically ill patients of "Mobile Workstation of Chest Pain Center "can reach the leading level in China. Outside the hospital, emergency physicians can make a preliminary diagnosis as soon as they come into contacting with a patient. The patient's ECG and life indications can be monitored continuously, and the physician on duty in the hospital's chest pain center can also monitor them in real time. Experts can check them at any time through mobile phones, so as to guide the rescue and transportation of patients. In addition, medical staff can fully communicate with patients and their families on the way of transport for patients needing emergency surgery, prepare preoperative medication after obtaining written consent of the families and patients, inform the surgical teamand ensure that patients  can be performed emergency surgery immediately after arriving at the hospital. These measures for critically ill patients with chest pain, especially for the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction, can shorten time to obtain maximum effective treatment, highlight the concept of "time is of the heart muscle, time is life", further improve the rescue success rate, reduce the mortality and morbidity andprotect people's life safety and body health.


The "Mobile ICU" is equipped with instruments and equipment necessary for the transport of critically ill patients, such as vehicle ventilators, defibrillators, wireless transmission of vital signs and so on. It can carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, mechanical ventilation, electric defibrillation and other rescue for critically ill patients at any time, which strongly guarantees the safety of critically ill patients during transport.


Qilu transfer center by defining courtyard between transport principles and classification standard formulates an ambulance configuration standards and transport processes, sets up full-time personnel organization and coordination, a professional transport team and mobile ECMO team and sets up security channel between different grade hospital to ensure the critical patients' reasonable, timely and safely transfer, boost the construction of national or regional medical center and further consolidate the foundation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.