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Children's Medical Center

In 2008, the title of “Children's Medical Center in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University” was approved by the Ministry of Health. Seven wards with specialty groups provide specialized medical care services for inpatient pediatric patients, including Neurology, Hematology/Oncology, Neonatal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Cardiology, Nephrology, Respiratory Medicine, Endocrinology, Growth and Development et al.  The diagnosis and treatment level in pediatric neurology, hematology/oncology, and neonatology are at the forefront of China. With a total of more than 280 beds, Children's medical center carried out comprehensive individual treatment of epilepsy, the diagnosis and treatment of short stature, interventional therapy of congenital heart disease, chemotherapy of acute leukemia and all kinds of solid tumors in children, blood purification, respiratory support for critically ill children, interventional diagnosis and treatment by bronchoscope and comprehensive management of critically ill neonates and premature babies, et al. Children’s Medical Center is equipped with 20 invasive ventilators, 15 noninvasive ventilators (CPAP, BiPAP, NIPPV), 7 air oxygen mixers, 4 respiratory humidification therapy apparatus, 4 blood-gas analyzers,2 bedside color ultrasonic diagnostic instruments, brainstem listening detector, neonatal transport system, nitric oxide inhalation therapy apparatus, PCT detector, defibrillator, and video EEG, 24-hour ambulatory electroencephalography EEG, amplitude integration of EEG monitoring, 24-hour dynamic electrocardiogram machine, electrocardiogram machine, noninvasive heart rate monitoring, bedside blood purification therapy apparatus (CRRT), noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring, laminar flow beds, vertical tilting table, provided guarantee for successfully salvage of patients’ lives. Drawing most admissions from nonlocal patients with difficult, complicated and critical diseases, children’s medical center has more than 12,000 patients discharged annually.

The outpatient clinic service includes reservation-based specialized outpatient clinics and the general outpatient clinic. We also have observation room, emergency room, examination room (EEG, PFT) in outpatient clinic area, treating more than 300,000 patients and have more than 60,000 pediatric emergency visits annually. We endeavor to create a friendly, clean and comfortable environment for patients.

The Children's Medical Center has an independent laboratory, which can currently provide the isolation and cryopreservation of bone marrow and umbilical cord blood stem cells, the culture and expansion of bone marrow and umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells, and cryopreservation of skin, cornea and heart valve and other tissues. Cooperated with clinical service, the laboratory carried out autologous bone marrow transplantation, umbilical blood transplantation, skin, corneal and heart valve transplantation, stem cell therapy, and related scientific research projects. At the same time, the laboratory also provides a good platform to carry out scientific research for the majority of master and doctoral students. Our staffs are advanced in our understanding of illness by conducting medical research after clinical work, trying to build the bridge from bench to bedside.

A total of 268 medical and technical staff work in Children’s Medical Center, among them are 68 physicians, 13 with senior professional titles, 6 with associate professional titles and 22 with intermediate professional titles. 44 of our staff have doctoral degree. Children’s medical center boasts outstanding faculties, including 19 professors and associate professors and 4 doctorial adviser and 13 masters' advisers, 3 laboratory scientific researchers, undertakes multi-level teaching tasks for master's and doctor's degree candidates, long term pediatric students, cultivating a large number of excellent pediatric professionals for society. We have the Chairman positions of Shandong Medical Association, Pediatric branch. Experts from children’s medical center have held the positions in national and provincial academic societies. Our department has always paid attention to the construction of professional and technical talents and introduced several outstanding doctoral graduates every year, thus optimizing the echelon’s structure. More than 10 doctors with intermediate and senior professional titles have been sent to the United States, Sweden, Japan, and Australia for exchange and visit, and several doctors have been sent to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and other places for further study, to apply advanced knowledges to our clinical work.

With a strong academic atmosphere and fruitful scientific research achievements, the Children's Medical center has been undertaken 15 national and provincial scientific research projects in the past three years, with nearly 3 million RMB funds. More than 100 papers were published, including more than 30 papers in international SCI journals, and 2 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards were won.

The Children's Medical center is based in the hospital with clinical teaching and training programs for 200 medical students in the School of Medicine of Shandong University, 20 graduate students, 20 residents, and subspecialty fellows annually. Besides, over 30 trainees across the country are recruited to the hospital for long-term or short-term learning each year. We hold lectures and grand rounds every month. Periodically, we organize teaching observations and evaluations to promote our education level.