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The pharmacy department of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University was established in 2008. It is responsible for the daily work of the hospital pharmacy management and pharmacotherapeutics Committee, and is responsible for the hospital's drug management, clinical pharmacy, clinical pharmacist training, pharmaceutical professional technical services, etc. As the practitioner and supervisor of ensuring and promoting clinical rational drug use, all staff of pharmaceutical department take patients as the center, take rational drug use as the core, standardize management, and provide patients with personalized, humanized and whole process quality pharmaceutical services.

The pharmacy department consists of six departments: medicine supply department, medicine dispensing department, pharmacy intravenous admixture service (PIVAS), clinical pharmacy department, clinical pharmacology department and pharmaceutical preparation department. At present, there are 180 pharmaceutical professionals, including 6 with senior titles, 12 with deputy senior titles, 1 doctoral supervisor and 2 master tutors. There are 30 doctors and 30 master's degrees, and 95% of them have bachelor's degree or above. It is a young, highly educated, high-quality and high potential talent team.

In addition to the daily work of hospital pharmacy management, the pharmacy department also undertakes the tasks of providing technical support for hospital pharmacy administration decision-making, dynamic monitoring of hospital drugs, reporting of pharmaceutical related data, publicity and education of rational drug use, work coordination of relevant departments, upload and release of documents and policies at all levels, and the work tasks of Shandong Pharmaceutical Administration Quality Control Center.

The Department of pharmacy undertakes the internship and teaching task of pharmacy and clinical pharmacy in Shandong University and Shandong Medical College every year. From 2014 to 2019, 13 NSFC projects and 21 SCI papers were published; 4 national CME projects and 3 provincial CME projects were undertaken.
As the only medical unit in Shandong Province, it took the lead to carry out the comprehensive demonstration project of essential drug policy implementation in Shandong Province, which was incorporated into the national development plan. Clinical pharmacy specialty ranks the first in Fudan Hospital specialty reputation ranking in Shandong Province. PIVAS founded the "Qilu model", based on the leading position in the industry, as a national PIVAS benchmark, leading the development of PIVAS.