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The Department of Pathology of Shandong University Qilu Hospital was founded in 1925 by Professor Hou BaoZhang, a pioneer of pathology and famous pathologist in China. The pathology department of Qilu Hospital is the first term of national key clinical construction disciplines, "11th Five-Year Plan" Shandong key disciplines and "12th Five-Year Plan" Shandong characteristic key disciplines. At present, the department has 61 staff members, including 8 professors (4 PhD supervisors, including 1 outstanding Chinese pathologist, 1 Taishan Scholar in Shandong Province, 1 Qilu famous doctor, 1 New Century Outstanding Talent from the Ministry of Education, and 2 Chinese Outstanding Young Pathologists), 10 associate professors, 9 attending physicians, and 31 professional technicians. There are 1 chairman and 2 deputy directors of the Pathology Branch of Shandong Medical Association. The number of difficult pathological consultations in our department has been in the first place in the province for a long time, and the level of pathological diagnosis has been widely praised and recognized by fellow pathologists across the country. In recent years, the construction of disciplines has improved rapidly, and the strength of sub-specialties has been continuously strengthened. Today, a number of sub-specialty pathologies with potential advantages have been set up, including lymphopoietic pathology, gynecological pathology, breast pathology, digestive pathology, soft tissue and bone pathology, renal biopsy pathology, head and neck pathology, skin pathology, forensic pathology, etc. Each sub-specialty has several associate professor or above staff settings. The department has established long-term cooperative relationships with the Karolinska Institute of Sweden, the Leiden University of Netherland, the Washington State University of the United States, the Wakayama Medical University of Japan, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the University of Hong Kong. 25 foreign scholars visited the department to give lectures, and 18 doctors were sent to study abroad.

In recent years, the department has hosted more than 30 national natural science funds, as well as published more than 90 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author in journals such as Cancer Research, Journal of Pathology, Oncogene, Journal of Hepatology, among which there were 16 papers in Zone I, with the highest impact factor (IF) of 20.35 points. We have obtained 6 scientific research achievements above the provincial and ministerial level (at the top ranking). In terms of teaching, we edited and participated in the editing of more than 10 textbooks compiled by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. In 2009, it was approved as an excellent course in Shandong Province and a national pathology bilingual teaching demonstration course. The teaching team won the title of Excellent Teaching Team in Shandong Province.